SkyStreet Retail is the market leader in cloud based Retail Software. Our solution will help grow your sales, reduce overheads, and gain business efficiency.
Point of Sale Features
SkyStreet Retail specialises in advanced multi-store and multi-channel capabilities, from in-store and Mobile EPOS, smart back office and stock control, and tightly integrated ecommerce solutions. It’s the complete retail solution!

With no software to install, I.T costs are minimised and you can access and control your entire business operation from anywhere, anytime.

Being at the forefront of Retail Cloud technology since 2006, SkyStreet Retail continues to innovate and is committed to ongoing research and development for the benefit of retailers.

Innovative EPOS

For a reliable EPOS system that’s easy to use, drives efficiencies and provides valuable business intelligence, look no further than SkyStreet Retail.

Our new generation EPOS enables you to deliver a truly outstanding in-store experience for your customers.  Maximise up-sells and cross-sells, and draw on every possible feature you can imagine to help grow your business.

With our cloud based EPOS you can be operational in new stores, kiosks and pop-up shops within minutes, and at a fraction of the cost of most traditional systems.

Innovative EPOS

Engage Customers with Mobile EPOS

Create a truly personal In-Store customer experience and improve sales conversion via Mobile ePos. Combat show-rooming and provide live product information, stock levels, pricing, future product ranges, and much more.

Have the flexibility to create sales transactions from anywhere, anytime,

SkyStreet Mobile ePOS works on most tablet devices, including iPad, Microsoft Surface, Android and many others.

With our cloud based EPOS, it’s a fast, easy and low-cost solution to deploy new Kiosks, Pop-Up Shops, and to sell at trade shows and fairs.

Smarter Inventory Control

With more money spent on inventory each year than any other part of your business, it makes good business sense to optimise your return on stock in every way possible

Retailers who have taken advantage of our smart inventory optimisation system have seen vastly improved “return on stock” and more streamlined stock distribution – which releases working capital to grow your business faster.

We make everything easier, from importing, re-ordering, store replenishment, stock transfers, fulfilment, centralised product administration plus price and promotion management.

Our breadth and depth of inventory management for mid-sized retailers is un-paralleled.

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration of our comprehensive stock control capabilities.

Customer Loyalty & Marketing

To encourage customer return visits and promote repeat sales transactions, the SkyStreet Retail solution boasts a broad range of detailed loyalty and marketing features.

These include branded loyalty cards, customisable point systems, batch generated incentives such as vouchers and bonus points and direct communication via eDM.

All these are aimed at increasing customer loyalty via repeat purchases in-store or online. These features also provide important intelligence about customer purchase behaviour that will help you make better purchasing decisions and more targeted promotions.

Reporting. Retail Intelligence

Make better-informed decisions more quickly and easily and drive up your profits as a result.

Point of Sale Reporting
From anywhere and at anytime, you can access reports and business intelligence via the cloud, on-demand, ensuring you always have up-to-date, accurate data.

Point of Sale Analytics
From customer data, inventory, sales, financial, staff and supplier reporting - our all-encompassing range of reports will arm you with vital information you need, when you need it most.

Logistics & fulfilment

A strong point in the SkyRetail EPOS solution is the seamless integration of order fulfilment and warehouse logistics, from allocation to dispatch and receipt of goods moved.

Logistics staff can monitor and manage the precise location of stock across the business and supply chain, including imports, store transfers and home delivery.

You’ll transition the business from ‘out of control’ to ‘under control’ – and save labour costs along the way!

eCommerce & Webstore

SkyStreet Retail are experts in providing integrated eCommerce and webstore solutions.

We develop high quality, fully functional websites for retailers, and provide deep integration between back-office and ecommerce.

From entry-level packages to get your online business started, to highly customised premium websites with ‘responsive’ mobile designs, we design, project manage and implement the whole process for you.

Choose from our Magento Commerce Plug-In or access our eCommerce API.

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