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The way retail should be

SkyStreet Retail delivers market leading cloud based Retail Operating Software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and grow sales.

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Customer Loyalty, CRM, Marketing Management System

customer loayalty software 199x300Create sophisticated sales and marketing campaigns easily

  • eCatalogue system enables you to send out personalised as well as customised product catalogues (via email) to your entire customer database
  • Perform sales reports to determine customers who purchased certain products in the past, then utilize the e-newsletter to push products to those particular shoppers
  • Dispatch a scheduled e-newsletter for any future time and date.
  • Submit external databases for use on your eCatalogue circulation list
  • Style and design your very own html based advertising campaigns utilizing html editor with embedded videos and pictures
  • Simply by marketing to your current active buyers, they’ll purchase far more items, more frequently
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and sales communications
    Shoppers can easily just click straight from the e-newsletters to your online WebStore to look at your complete range and then purchase on line (or by making a telephone order)
  • Test-market pricing tactics, sales campaigns, as well as new products

SkyStreet Retail Loyalty System Overview

SkyStreet Retail Loyalty was created to assist you attract many more buyers back to your retail store with greater frequency and also to supply you with significant data relating to your consumers purchase behaviour.

Acquiring & making use of an effective customer loyalty program enables you to:

  • Provide far better customer service
  • Achieve far more customer loyalty resulting in repeat purchases
  • Boost retail store profitability
  • Gain a superior advantage over your competitors

1. Branded Loyalty Cards

Supply your customers with their own personal loyalty card that is linked to their individual SkyStreet Retail Account number and branded with your business logo and details. A variety of card suppliers will create your own customised membership cards pre-printed with bar codes and ‘account numbers’ on them.

Once the shopper arrives at the sales counter, merely scan the customers loyalty card into SkyStreet Retail ePOS, which in turn uploads the client’s information straight into the sale transaction. From that point you can see the customer’s loyalty status and comprehensive purchase history.

con features loyaltycrm cards

2. Customisable Configuration

Our WebStore has customisable parameters to create and manage your loyalty program to fit your business. These include the ability to create settings to define a ‘points accrued with each pound spent’ ratio, the ability to set customer discount limit’s, change point values related to specific items or disable particular buyers from accumulating points. Customers may then use redeemed points as payment at ePos with their Loyalty Card.

3. Customer Intelligence & Reporting

Recognize & data-mine your buyers using impressive search options to review any group of shoppers that:

  • Bought within particular date periods
  • Did not purchase within particular date periods
  • Spent less or more than $X
  • Currently have accumulated less or more than X points
  • Already have bought specific items
  • Qualify for a special discount structure
  • Have a variety of marketing profiles, which could include:
    • Enjoying a birthday in a selected month
    • Indicated they learnt about your business from past promotional initiatives
    • Who reside within a particular geographical location
    • Have membership to a specific group
    • And lots more…

This easy reporting function gives you all the answers and presents all of the applicable customer information. Then, you are able to select from a variety of ‘actions’ so that you can reward particular clients.

4. Rewarding your Customers

These customer reports which identify particular shoppers, then let you select the following choices to reward your buyers and entice them back again into your store:

  • Instantly view any customer’s loyalty status and comprehensive buying history when purchasing at the Point of Sale. This enables you to create further discounts to the current sale suitable for your customer’s loyalty status. With the ePos screen you are also able to transfer loyalty points into ‘tender’ to make payment for products.
  • Auto-assign eligible customer discount amounts when they reach a selected pound spend. You can manually apply discount levels to different groups of buyers or automatically assign points according to their spending profile.
  • Instantly Batch-generate thousands of gift vouchers to your customers – creating a highly effective incentive which will draw them back again into your store.
  • Target & mass mail reward points to particular customers. One example is to identify shoppers whose spending habits changed from being regular customers to no longer coming in store. Award these lost customers reward points or send them a gift voucher to entice them back into spending again in your store.

5. Communicating with your Customers

Keep customers advised on their current loyalty status and how it can benefit them, inform of eligible discount levels or gift vouchers they may still have to use. SkyStreet Retail believes communicating with your customers is absolutely critical to your success and offers the following three effective tools to stay connected to your customers:

5.a Email / Newsletter

Use the Customer Activity Report to data-mine and locate specific consumers, then contact each of them with a personalized newsletter or email through our integrated CRM & newsletter system.

con features loyaltycrm newsletter

5.b Excel to Mail Merge

Our Customer Activity Report will data-mine to seek out specific consumers, and subsequently place all relevant personal details such as email and postal address straight into excel. This enables you to use that relevant information to then create a mail-merge and send out any information of your choosing – gift vouchers, loyalty status, etc straight to their post-box / inbox.

5.c SMS Messaging

Send an SMS message to selected eligible customers identified in your Customer Activity Report.

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