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The way retail should be

SkyStreet Retail delivers market leading cloud based Retail Operating Software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and grow sales.

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Logistics & Warehouse Management Software

logistics1 300x179SkyStreet Retail delivers an extensive collection of, supply chain, logistics and warehouse inventory management features that include:

1. Importing

  • Supplier Payment Tracking 
  • Container tracking & Capacity Planning 
  • Foreign Exchange & Stock Receipt with scanning

2. BIN Locations

3. Picking Stock

  • Using lots of different ‘filters’ to pick reports to assist you when considering just what you’d like to pick
  • Assigning pick duties to particular ‘pickers’; exporting pick lists
  • Picking stock straight from inbound purchase orders (when filling buyer order’s)
  • Storing pick lists on file; as well as a great deal of other capabilities…

4. Dispatching Stock

  • Using lots of different ‘filters’ to pick reports to assist you when considering just what you’d like to dispatch
  • Truck and container capacity planning
  • Partial dispatch and many other features

5. Receiving Stock Transfers

6. Customer Fulfillment of orders from any location:

  • Delivery Zones
  • Home Deliveries
  • Store and Warehouse facility pickups
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery times
  • Driver Run Sheets and Manifests, etc

7. Advanced Logistics and Customer Fulfillment

logistics 21 300x179

SkyStreet Retail offers superior features for retailers with numerous stores that:

  • Transfer a lot of stock frequently
  • Require the freedom to select which retail location or storage facility to ‘obtain ’ merchandise from to fill buyer orders (through the ePOS), for items that are not in stock
  • Desire to have their employees equipped to easily look up estimated arrival dates of merchandise for imports and  inbound purchase orders, as well as real-time inventory levels at any other store
  • Have complex logistics and  warehousing needs
  • Undertake importing and overseas purchasing, as well as be able to track and plan required container capacity
  • Need to handle the completion of buyer orders through a retail store, warehouse pick-up or through home delivery

Whenever a team member conducts a sale in store, our system offers user friendly features to maximize customer service as well as logistics efficiencies:

  • Search for current stock quantities of all merchandise, at every store location or warehouse facility
  • Sell items at ePOS, regardless of if the item is currently available in store or in stock at another location or warehouse. Skystreet software automatically requests the transfer of items and allocates inventory accordingly
  • Select how the sale is to be completed such as via:
    • Home Delivery
    • Retail Store Pickup
    • Warehouse Pickup
    • Cash and Carry
    • Choose a mix of these options for different items in the one sale
  • Select the location from where the merchandise is going to be fulfilled from (store or warehouse)
  • Select the site where the merchandise is going to be sourced from (store or warehouse)
  • Immediately access the available quantity of any item, to help you inform your buyer of the accurate date of arrival. The display screen status list includes:
    • ‘Available’ on hand at your location or different store location / warehouse
    • ‘On Order’ from a supplier (to arrive at any store location) with the Purchase Order’s estimated date of arrival shown in real time on the ePOS display screen
    • ‘In-transit’ moving towards your location from another store or warehouse
    • ‘Received’ arrived in store / status can now become ‘Available’

8. Automated (or Manual) Internal Transfer Orders

logistics 31 300x179

SkyStreet Retail has developed a process for employing automatic Stock Transfers amongst your retail stores and storage facilities.

Generally in most ePOS systems, if you perform a sale transaction for an item that isn’t currently in stock, you have to manually request the item be moved to your store for sale. This method is so inefficient, particularly for retailers who transfer a substantial amount of stock amongst different retail locations every week.

SkyStreet retail totally automates this procedure, meaning that if you perform a sale at ePOS for any item requiring transfer from any other location, the Internal Transfer Order (ITO) generates automatically and the item is immediately ‘allocated’ at the ‘source’ site.

Team members (at your other store locations & warehouses) merely have to check their Transfer Reports to determine what merchandise needs to be moved out to a different store location. Email messages are additionally delivered to the relevant location to inform of the new transfer request.

In addition, the Stock Transfers (ITO’s) may be created in any of the methods below:

8.a Automatic Store Selection

You are able to set up the process for each of your stores to have the ITO’s created automatically at certain store location or warehouse, whenever an item is purchased at ePOS (if it turns out the item isn’t available at the current location). As well as,

8.b Manual Store Selection

When the sale is performed at ePOS, you are able to manually select the site that you require the merchandise from (that is the location where the ITO is going to be produced for).

The Internal Transfer Order system will handle the process of:

  • Automatic allocation of merchandise at the ‘source’ site
  • Adjusting the amount of inventory (stock control) of merchandise at both the source and required destination
  • In depth reporting of all stock transfers produced

An automated email message notification to inform personnel as to the status of any Internal Transfer Orders (ITO’s).

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