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SkyStreet Retail delivers market leading cloud based Retail Operating Software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and grow sales.

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Selecting the best inventory control software for your business is critically linked to your ability to succeed. Using effective, intelligent management of inventory levels will boost your profits and decrease costs through even significant changes in retail store activity.

SkyStreet Retail is focused on developing inventory management software filled with innovative and effective benefits that drastically lessen the effort and time you need to spend on numerous inventory management duties.

stock control software systemInventory Management & Stock Control Software

In the retail sector the way you manage your inventory often reflects whether your business is going to succeed or fail. The inventory management system you utilize is really a crucial factor in the way you take care of your supply chain and just how efficiently you manage your stock turnover.

The world of retail today consists of numerous sales channels, more sophisticated buyers and fast-paced technology. SkyStreet Retail will assist you to take care of your cash flow, recognize your customer’s purchasing habits, and make certain you always have the correct level of stock available.

A successful retail business isn’t just aware of the quantity of stock held in their warehouse – they recognize exactly when they should reorder and where they will find the best price when purchasing new stock. SkyStreet Retail is a market leader in rapid response, live inventory control software that has the tools to assist you to do this. Choose from rapidly and easily building your supplier database manually or by using our batch upload feature. The automatic reordering function can be set to intuitively know when to email your suppliers with a new order. With our system you can also manage complete and partial orders efficiently, as well as monitor any backorders.

Inventory counts are swift and effortless, performed live within normal store hours. All you need to do is simply scan items, and watch the data transmit instantly & wirelessly to your database. If you prefer you also have the ability to manually key in product levels straight into the system. Whichever way you choose, your stock level is updated instantly in all your retail stores.


stock control software

With SkyStreet Retail’s inventory management features you can recognize which items are selling quickly as well as what items are staying on the shelves. Using this data will enable you to easily and smartly choose which items need reordering or possibly transferring to a different retail store location You may even establish minimum item levels to trigger automatic re-ordering and replenishment, guaranteeing you will always hold a continuous supply of your buyers preferred items.

When trading in store and on the net, it is sometimes more advantageous to give various prices and special discounts on the same products, depending on the purchasing method used. Our inventory management software enables you to allocate as well as keep track of a multitude of selling prices as well as rate reductions on products, maximising your sales prospects throughout every channels.

As well as these first-class stock management features, SkyStreet Retail software provides:

  • Live access to stock information
  • Uncomplicated, easy to use interface
  • Accessible and operational 24h/7days
  • ePOS integration for complete control
  • Speedy and precise merchandise searches
  • Simple transfer of products among retail store locations and warehouses
  • Wireless and touch sensitive display screen
  • Bar code scanning
  • Large data store functionality through SQL

We designed SkyStreet Retail software to use in genuine retail situations with ePOS solutions that function the same way you do. It’s simple to use touch screen will empower your team to perform efficiently and swiftly – which will conserve you valuable time and income. Inventory control reporting is comprehensive and versatile with a wide selection of dashboard features.

SkyStreet Retail’s completely hosted program means you do without the high costs and hassles which arise from taking care of your software in-house, or from constructing an inventory management system on your own. Our protected and specialized web servers can handle your sales activity with ease, so if you are working 24/7 – our retail inventory management system is working alongside you 24 /7 too.

SkyStreet Retail software provides accessibility to your inventory details for all your store locations and storage facilities, your staff are supported to deliver the highest standard of customer service. Being fully integrated with ePOS allows you to customize your inventory management systems to take advantage of buying trends rapidly and effectively. The capability to maintain real-time supply levels whilst utilizing a multitude of sales channels ensures that irrespective of how large or small your retail business operation is, you can access customers throughout your target selling region.

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